Beautiful Life Mantras

Moving and Stretching Mantra

In my book, Live A Beautiful Life with Lupus: Habits and Rituals for Thriving with an Autoimmune Disease, I discuss the use of a mantra to assist you in remembering the importance of habits and rituals. This month’s mantra emphasizes the habit of moving and stretching.

What Is A Mantra?

A mantra is a way to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. This redirect is accomplished by coming up with several short sentences that you then repeat in your mind or under your breath during meditation or focus sessions.

The idea behind it is that by flooding your mind with positive thoughts and expectations, you don’t give entry to any repetitive negative self talk. It’s also a form of verbal visualization to tell your brain about the outcome you desire. A mantra can be a very important tool for living with Lupus and managing the disease.

I wrote the Beautiful Life Mantra this month to help with the habit of moving and stretching and how this habit benefits the Lupus body….

Soothing, gentle movements and stretches
help my Lupus body gain strength and flexibility.
I breathe deeply as I treat my muscles and joints with care.



What do you think of this month’s mantra? Could it possibly be helpful to you? If so, how?

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